This is the second installment of SLP poetry written by the excellent Elizabeth Wells Bihn.  We’re in different settings, but she beautifully captures  the plusses, minuses, and in-betweens of being a Type B SLP.  (I’ve added some of my comments after each poem)

I toil longer but with creativity you will marvel at

I especially love this one.  Does writing a report take me kind of forever? Yes.   Am I a particularly thoughtful diagnostician? also Yes.

Your thoughts: a straight line. Mine? a tangled ball of yarn discarded by cats

Yes! Sometimes (often) I wish I was great at a taking a task from beginning to end.  But the scenic route can be a real gift for getting to know clients well or for doing a really thorough evaluation.


I must treat outside of that box. I must, plans fail when left on the desk.

Yes, forgetfulness is a pain. BUT it teaches tremendous flexibility, which is an essential trait for a clinician.